On this page, you will find a number of resources to help make implementing MetaSat easier. These resources include guides written by the MetaSat team and external sites that we think are helpful. For feedback, clarification, and requests, please submit an issue to our GitLab repository.

MetaSat Primer

Getting Started With MetaSat

MetaSat has three main components: a vocabulary, a crosswalk, and a set of example schemas. Find out more about each here.

Beyond the Basics

Here, you will find advanced information on JSON-LD. Tips for using the @context section and information about JSON-LD's four transforming algorithms are included.

Linked Data and RDF

If you are unfamiliar with Linked Data or the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and you want to know how you can use them to improve your data's value and discoverability, start here.

URLs and the Semantic Web

Why do linked data vocabularies put so much emphasis on unique, persistent URLs? It's because semantic web technologies use URLs in a different way than people do; find out more on this page.

External Resources

W3C resources

This link will take you to the World Wide Web Consortium's page on linked data and the semantic web.

5 Star Open Data

High quality linked open data allows your data to be more valuable and discoverable. This site provides more information about how to make sure your data is open and discoverable on the web.

JSON-LD Playground

Built and maintained by the W3C JSON-LD group, the JSON-LD playground can act as a JSON-LD validator. The playground can confirm that the links between topics in your file are correct, and can run the four transformation algorithms.


JSONLint is a JSON validator. You can start here to make sure your syntax is correct, then put your code into the JSON-LD playground to make sure your connections are working as you intend.


Sorting Tool

Our sorting tool can be used to visualize relationships between MetaSat terms.

Example files

This folder of our GitLab repository contains several example files that use MetaSat to describe various parts of a space mission. Right now, most of the examples concern either SatNOGS or LSTN.

For more, see our GitLab repository or contact us at metasat[at]